The Life Education Offset Scholarship

A Scholarship designed to help students pay for  college life finances that might not be covered by federal aids, merit scholarships, etc. 

Our goal is to award three Scholarships. 

WHY Is This Scholarship is needed?

At this point it seems that college is a necessary expense for future generations to success in the job market, but the price to achieve this goal is getting harder and harder.

Every year prices of tuition continue to raise and more hidden fees seem to emerge for students to actually prosper and scholarships and grants can only get you so far. Most of the time students do not get a full ride and are forced into a difficult situation of taking on a lot of debt that they hope will pay off in the long run.

However financial aid never covers everything. Between Meal Plans, Health Insurance, Transportation, Books and School Supplies, students face a ridiculous amount of extra expenses that usually end up being paid out of pocket.

This is where the Life Education Scholarship offset comes in.


Raise at least $300

We hope to raise enough money for three scholarships. Two of the scholarships will go to students who will be attending college for the 2020 school year, while the third scholarship will go to a college student who has graduated between 2010 and 2020 to help with the crippling student loans this generation has been forced to under take. 

More information about how to apply for the scholarship will be revealed in the near future once the funds have been achieved.

With our partners at Victory Mobile Development, we will donate a portion of all of our proceeds to this scholarship as a way to help offset these costs and help to relieve some of the burden on so many college students.

But we can't do it alone!

Please Help us

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A portion of the proceeds go directly to the L.E.O Scholarship.

We Know Not Everyone Can Donate Money Directly, But You Can Donate Some Of Your Time

Download and use one of the many apps created by Victory Mobile Developments, and they will donate a quarter of their monthly earnings.


Donate directly to the L.E.O. Scholarship Fund.