Our Mission

My name is Victoria E. Johnson and I am the master mind behind the College Life Prep App. I know first-hand that College is not a walk in the park and getting into college isn’t the hardest part of a college student’s journey.

The sad truth is 30% of college students will drop out before reaching their sophomore year. Only half of the remaining students will graduate within 6 years, and as of 2017, American students will have accumulated $1.4 trillion in debt.

We have discovered that there are seven reasons why freshmen students are most likely to drop out. 

The three most common:

  1. College is Too expensive
  2. Too much Socialization
  3. Balancing Work and School

While the other four can be surprising.

             4. Illness or Injury

             5. Academically unprepared

             6. Stress

             7. Not Emotionally Ready.

All of these factors happen after the applications are in and the decisions have been made, and yet there are not many programs and tools available for college students and parents once they are actually in college. 

At College Life Prep we want to help students manage college life from the very beginning of the application process through the rest of their college years. Unlike other college prep sites and programs our information and advise are 100% free, because we want everyone to succeed. 

Although at this time College Life Prep cannot help with all of these factors our goal is to implement programs and tools to help combat these factors and help more students graduate in less than 6 years, with less student debt and hopefully bring the dropout rate down.